How can I tell if it’s time to ask for help?

Changes in life, relationships, health and work may challenge our ability to cope or function to our full potential. Stressful life events and daily hassles in all areas of our life may lead to troubling emotions and behaviour.

Stress, panic, sadness, frustration, confusion, uncertainty, sleeplessness, irritability, feeling out of control, stuck or just lacking the motivation to make the needed changes are all common experiences.

From time to time we just can’t cope alone. Sometimes friends and family feel just as helpless when problems arise. Sometimes the people whom we love most or work with are part of the problem.

If things could be going better in your personal life or work, then one of our trained, experienced and caring psychologists could assist you, your family or organisation. Registered Psychologists have 6 years of training in the psychology of human behaviour and are therefore skilled to find quickly the approach that best suits your needs.

Unlike psychiatrists we do not prescribe medication, but do understand that it may be helpful in overcoming some problems. We are happy to work together with prescribing physicians to ensure the very best combination of treatments for our clients.

At Central Psychology Services we offer professional counselling, therapy and training in a supportive and confidential environment to suit the individual, couple, family or organisation. With a range of psychologists providing services, we take pride in having a breadth of experience and training that enables us to offer a broad range of services to help with many issues.

Don’t wait until you are desperate. It is always better to seek help sooner, rather than later.

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